No Victory Without Honor

“No Victory Without Honor”®
Change the Environment in which the game is played

Even with a recreational sports environment, the opportunity for a “win at all costs” mentality can emerge. This win at all costs thinking supports a culture where the values of our organization and the membership can be compromised by the drive to win. Winning games by any means is not acceptable and in particular in youth sports but the same is true for our adult league.

The No Victory Without Honor® Program allows McKinney to offer a recreational soccer experience in an environment that remains true to the shared values of all our members.

McKinney is proud to be part of The No Victory Without Honor program which allows all of us to be part of a recreational environment, while holding true to the shared values of the organization, our members, and the community.

Look for the flags around the fields and make sure that you and your team are part of McKinney’s commitment to creating a positive soccer experience for everyone.

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