McKinney Soccer Referees

All our referees are USSF certified and must renew their certification every year. If you or your child (minimum 13 years of age) are interested in becoming a referee please see the important referee information below.  All USSF Referees 17 years of age and older are background checked each year.  All USSF Referees 18 years of age and older must be SafeSport certified.  These steps are included in the certification/recertification process, as outlined below.

Please contact Referee Assignor Marcus Bruner at with any questions. 

Steps to become a referee/recertify

Please make sure your contact information is up to date. We use EMAIL for all communications. If we don’t have an up-to-date email for you then you are not receiving information or updates from us. Please update your contact information here: 

Mandatory referee meetings (updated)

Slides from the February 2024 referee meetings are provided below.

Referee game day instructions

All referees should check in at the complex with the referee coordinator at the complex 30 minutes before their first game starts to prevent their game(s) from being given to someone else. The referee should arrive ready to officiate (black shorts, black socks with USSF logo, black shoes, official shirt, watch, flags, whistle, pen, and paper) and bring a copy of the MSA Playing Rules and their schedule.

Forms and links for referees

INSTRUCTIONS: For forms that open in Google Docs, at the top left corner choose the “FILE” drop down menu, then select “Download AS” and select the type of file you would prefer to work with.



Referee rates of pay

MSA playing rules