Schedules and Standings

Schedule Release Information

Schedules are typically received from the scheduler and posted the Monday or Tuesday prior to the season/tournament start.
Please do not call the office to ask when schedules will be released. An email will go out to each group and the button color will change when they are updated.
Green = Current Season, Red = Prior Season

Additional Information

U9 and above Gotsoccer instructions for Game Reports:


  1. Log into your team account
  2. Click on MSA Spring 2018 Event
  3. Click on Schedule tab
  4. Click on the PDF icon next to the scheduled game that you want to print
  5. To update jersey numbers you will have to click on the Spring 2018 Event Frozen roster and update on the top roster then print game report.


  • Scores for MSA games are only kept for U9 and above
  • Scores for MSA youths reflect a 3-point differential since these are recreational leagues
  • If a team scores more than 3 points above the other team, this will NOT be reflected in the scores
  • MSA does not encourage “running up” the score.

Season Tie Breakers


  • Head-to-Head Competition
  • Goal Differential (Max. of 3 goal differential)
  • Fewest goals allowed during the season
  • Highest number of shutouts during the season
  • Fewest Caution Points received (red/yellow cards) during the season
  • Playoff Game if necessary


  • Yellow and Red Card team Season Total (the team with fewest cards advances, red cards count as two cards.)
  • Head-to-Head
  • Goals Against
  • Goals For – Maximum of 5 Goals per game.
  • Penalty Kick Shootout

The McKinney Soccer Association has been promoting and growing the game of soccer in McKinney since its formation over 30 years ago. The association is controlled by a board of directors which meets once a month to ensure that both, the Spring and Fall soccer seasons run smoothly. We also have a small office staff to manage daily operations and help to coordinate between players, parents, and board members in solving issues.

McKinney Soccer Association
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